These real estate marketing ideas

Real estate marketing is a lot simpler than most Realtors make it out to be. Some equate expensive products and services with quality.

However, effective real estate marketing does not have to be expensive, complicated, or sophisticated. Sometimes, plain, simple, direct and to the point makes lasting impressions that result in increased business opportunities and more income.

One of the most effective real estate marketing ideas involves Expired Listings. If you’re newly licensed, new to a community or simply looking for a way to increase your business you should aggressively pursue them.

Expired Listings are plentiful and always easy to find. All you have to do is look at your daily MLS updates.

If you make them a staple of your real estate marketing efforts by pursuing them consistently you should be able develop a steady stream of prospects and a solid income within 3 – 6 months, depending on your local market conditions.

Still, getting them is easier said than done. However, a good real estate listing wheel hub bearing suppliers system can help set you apart from other Realtors in a relatively short period of time. Below are some real estate marketing ideas for your consideration.

1. Bumper stickers. Are you advertising yourself via bumper stickers, yet? If not you’re missing out on a simple, cost effective marketing strategy.

So, here’s the deal. It’s very simple. Have some bumper stickers printed with your web site address and other business information on it.

Ask your church, sorority, fraternity and/or other groups you belong to to support you by placing them on their cars. Many will be happy to help out, especially since it won’t cost them anything to be supportive.

Also, make enough for family, friends and clients who are happy with your services and willing to share how great they think you are.

2. T – Shirts & Jackets. Real estate marketing via T – shirts and jackets is not a new or novel idea, but how many Realtors do you see advertising via this medium. Did you say “none?” That’s what I thought.

So, have some t-shirts and jackets made with your web site address and other business information on them. You, your family and friends can wear them almost anywhere. Market your business year round for a one time cost. When it’s too cold for t-shirts wear the jacket.

3. Baseball Caps are another great way to advertise that you’re in the real estate business. Have some baseball caps made with your web site address and other real estate business information on them. Heck, you might as well spend a few more bucks and outfit your child’s baseball team with them. It makes for great publicity and is also a nice thing to do for kids!

Ask the parents for “quid pro quo” by asking them to place your bumper stickers on their cars.

4. Envelopes, Stationary & Business Cards. These are the mainstay of any real estate marketing campaign, and a must for your marketing campaigns. Make sure your web site address and other business information is printed on all of your stationary, envelopes and business cards. Leave a few wherever you go. Give them out like candy, as they are doing nobody any good in your pockets.

5. Magnetic Signs. Automobile signs are the “meat and potatoes” of real estate marketing of most serious agents. If you don’t already have some get some. No,not the generic ones that your Broker has laying around, but signs with your name, web site address and other business information on them.

Place them on your car doors or roof. Take them off and reattach them in different spots from time to time to avoid fading your paint job.

6. Flyers. Print flyers with your web site address and other business information on them. Keep some with you at all times and hang on bulletin boards or simply lying around to be picked up. It’s a great, inexpensive real estate marketing idea that reaches a lot of people fast.

Print out a few hundred at a time and pay your kids to place them on car windshields in grocery store and shopping center parking lots on Saturday mornings.

7. Articles. Another real estate marketing idea is to write articles. Writing articles is a great way to demonstrate your expertise as a real estate professional while plugging your real estate business. It’s also an inexpensive way to increase your website ranking.

These real estate marketing ideas, anchored by a good real estate marketing listing system, can help supercharge your business and help you achieve the success you deserve.

So, the sooner you adopt these strategies the sooner you’ll be able begin reaping the benefits of them.

Thermal paper comes in several different paper grades

Thermal paper is one product which can be used in a variety of different businesses. Depending on the type of register, adding machine or credit card printer a business uses, a specific type of thermal paper is necessary to operate the machine. Thermal paper comes in several different paper grades, sizes and colors. Considering the amount of choices of thermal paper available, it is important to understand which type of thermal paper is right for your business.

38mm x 48ft Thermal Paper Rolls

38mm x 48 foot thermal paper rolls are used in Centrodyne printers which can be found in taxis and limousines. The thermal printer in Centrodyne printers can print 19.2 characters per second or 1.2 lines per second. Centrodyne printing taximeters include fare and tax totals in both the display and the printout. 38mm x 48 foot thermal paper rolls are also used in Pulsar 2030 taxi meters. The Pulsar 2030 taximeter and printer is more compatible with other automobile electronics and late-model transducer systems.

38mm x 165ft Thermal Paper Rolls

38mm x 165ft thermal receipt rolls are used in a variety of registers and receipt and label printers. This type of thermal paper wheel hub bearings is most suited to be used in ticket offices, back office operations and check out cash registers. The Epson TM-L 90 printer uses 38mm x 165ft thermal receipt rolls and comes with a peeler mechanism which can substantially increase efficiency in a ticket office.

38mm x 165ft thermal receipt rolls are also compatible with the Royal Alpha 9180 printer. This printer offers 12 character descriptions used to segment different types of sales, and also prints customer receipts as well as journal tapes. Perfect for a grocery store or department store, the Royal Alpha 9180 can handle 30 clerk identifications used to track the sales record of individual employees. This printer also comes with a handheld barcode scanner which is useful in precisely and quickly tracking sales during a check out process.

44mm x 230ft Thermal Paper Rolls

44mm x 230ft thermal receipt rolls are used mostly in registers and printers in businesses which track sales, such as retail stores and restaurants. Specifically, 44mm x 230ft thermal receipt paper rolls are used in the Sharp ERA410 cash register. The relevant features of this register include inventory tracking capability, age verification, refund keys and a training mode.

44mm x 230ft thermal receipt rolls are also compatible with the Sharp ERA450T cash register. This cash register works well for any business which scans items frequently, such as a retail store. Another strong point of the Sharp ERA450T is the accessories it is compatible with; it can be expanded to include a scale, slip printer and additional scanner. These features make these printers, and the 44mm x 230ft thermal receipt rolls they are compatible with, a great choice for a grocery store, retail store or restaurant.

2 Inch wide Thermal Paper Rolls

This size of thermal paper is used in mobile POS terminals with printers such as the Hypercom 4000. The main advantages of the Hypercom 4000 are that it is hand-held, fast and customer friendly. Perfect for restaurants, 2 inch wide thermal paper rolls print outs receipts on the hand-held Hypercom 4000, which displays advertising and promotions as well. A hand-held mobile printer like the Hypercom 4000 adds convenience to the dining experience, and also improves customer service.

Another mobile POS terminal which uses 2 inch wide thermal paper rolls is the Nurit 4000. This wireless credit card machine is ideal for the delivery and restaurant business. It is lightweight and can process credit cards as well as debit cards. The touch screen accepts and records signatures, and it weighs only 1.2 pounds. Overall, customers like using either the Hypercom 4000 or the Nurit 4000 because they can use their credit and debit cards while keeping them in hand and in sight.

3 1/8 Inch Wide Thermal Paper Rolls

3 1/8 Inch wide thermal paper rolls fit most POS and credit card thermal printers. This size of thermal paper comes in premium grade, which looks and feels like quality paper, prints out a sharper image, and also makes bar codes more readable. 3 1/8 Inch wide thermal paper rolls are used with the Axiohm A760, which is a two color thermal printer that specializes in minimizing receipt fraud and increasing print clarity and accuracy. The Axiohm A760s high quality printing and usage of premium 3 1/8 Inch wide thermal paper rolls can help define brand image with bright, bold images and text.

3 1/8 Inch wide thermal paper rolls are also used in the Ithaca 80 thermal receipt printer. The Ithaca 80 series provides high-definition graphics, lightning-fast speed and multiple language capabilities. This printer has a simple paper loading feature and can manage thermal paper rolls up to 4 inches wide.

It took three of my classmates to pull me away


To a modern individual, the word conjures mental images of things that generate instant electrical power, of different sizes, shapes, and colors. And in our modern times, the mere ownership of a battery is as vital as breathing. Motor vehicles cannot run without automobile batteries. Cell phones are useless if they do not have cell phone batteries to keep them working.

But mention the same word to a man from the medieval ages and instantly, he will think of battering rams and other siege engines and heavy weaponries. The term, if used in the same context in the same context as that of siege machinery, also denotes modern artillery that dates as far back as the Napoleonic Wars up to the modern battle tanks and heavy guns of our era (not to be confused with missiles and ballistics, though).

Of course, the term battery has its own place in criminal law. Although it has various types, the word battery means the unlawful application of force to another person that result in bodily harm or injury to the aid person. If is the case, then perhaps all of us have, in one tie or another, experience battery. But then, not all of us are lawyers and law experts so the word battery still means those little boxes from Samsung cell phone accessories and LG cell phone accessories that generate 2-4 hours of talk time.

Although their definition and their context vary in multiple degrees of difference, they still have a single denominator: power.

The first definition discussed refers to the power stored for future use. The better your battery, the longer it works. More power from the battery means more energy for consumption. That translates to more efficiency and more results.

The second definition of the word can relate to the first one, although there is more emphasis on a different kind of power: firepower. Forces with greater firepower than that of the enemy has more chances of winning and is likely to be the victor of any war. History has proven that, although the great Chinese general and warlord Sun Tzu thinks otherwise. Never mind Sun Tzu, he never had to deal with mortars and heavy shelling, though his book on war and tactics is considered sacred by the military experts. Simply put, you are likely to win if you can produce big, powerful bangs than the enemy.

The third definition of battery has something to do with what I call the Bullying Power. Going back to the three grounds of criminal battery: (1) unlawful application of force; (2) to another person other than self; (3) which results to the bodily harm or wheel hub bearing suppliers injury of the said person. I guess it is unanimous; we are all battered at some point in our lives, which brings us to the climax and conclusion of this article.

I guess James had some Bullying Power in him when I was still in grade school. He would always take a bite or two from sandwich and would give me a punch to the shoulder if I refused. So I got battered every now and then. Now, to fully appreciate the story, James was like the kid version of Johnny Bravo in terms of size and I was more of the skinny kid you see every day at the alley way.

But one day I grew tired of it. When recess came, as usual, he did his usual rounds with the likes of me. When my turn came, he tried to snatch my lunchbox. But I held on tight until he punched me in the shoulder. As I winced in pain, he opened my lunchbox and started rummaging, his back facing me. In a fit of rage, I got up, grabbed a thick tome from our mini library, and started hacking at his head and body with abandon. He was shocked and was unsettled from my initial assault. But when I let up, he charged at me, readying his right hand for the punch. I did not wait for the impact. I threw the thick tome at him and it smacked him right in the chest. I then launched my attack. I took two quick big steps towards him and raised my left foot to his groin. Now, to fully appreciate the story, James was like the kid version of Johnny Bravo in terms of size and I was more of the skinny kid you see every day.

He fell, screaming in agony. I then stood still, blazing and hurting. I then moved. I let fly kicks to his body and to his head. James was crying. There were tears streaking from his eyes. But no matter how wrong it was, I was enjoying it. Every second of it. I did not feel tired. I was recharged of sort. Like the Energizer Bunny.

It took three of my classmates to pull me away. They were looking at me, surprised. No, shock would be the better word. They were even more shocked when I started taunting James, making fun of him. Making him cry for his mama. Too bad big guy, mama is not here today.

After an eternity of crying and cursing at me between sobs, James slowly rose to his feet. Threatening to beat if he had the chance. He never got his chance as I grabbed another book and threw it at him. Scared to face me the second time, he ran outside and straight to his house. Moments later, I was in the principals office with my parents.


Lead Central nervous system (CNS), kidneys, cardiovascular,bone

Cadmium CNS, kidneys, cardiovascular, liver, reproductive disorders bone

Arsenic CNS, peripheral neuropathy, headache,drowsinesconfusion,

Aluminum CNS, impaired g. i. motility and absorption of other elements

Mercury CNS, thyroid, liver, kidneys, eyes

Uranium CNS, kidneys, seizures

Allowing toxins to accumulate in our bodies tears us down much as dumping grit and acid into gears destroys a fine-tuned machine. Nature, under ideal conditions, provides for detoxification on a daily basis. Sunlight contains a specific wavelength called far infrared (FIR) that heats objects, including us, by direct light conversion (DLC). That means an object is warmed without raising the temperature of the surrounding air.

Youve experienced that phenomenon if youve touched the steering wheel of an automobile parked in direct sunlight. The wheel is much warmer than the air contained in the car. How does that occur? Far infrared rays cause a resonant vibration within the molecules of an object producing heat. In the human body, controlled warmth is an important part of healing. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, said, Give me the power to create a fever, and I shall cure any disease.

Sweating is one of Gods gifts to help rid us the poisons that threaten our quality of life and life itself. Too often, mans method is to add more toxins in the form of drugs. Reading the fine print on a prescription describes side effects that may even be worse than the symptom being treated.

When you cannot be regularly exposed to the cleansing power of sunlight due to a mostly indoor lifestyle or weather conditions, what is the alternative? A special ceramic infrared heater, patented in 1965 and used in Japan, was extended to the US in 1981. Unlike the heat in a traditional sauna or from IR lamps, the FIR heater emits infrared rays between 2 to 5 microns, which penetrate deep into the human body to perform the same essential function provided by the sun. By contrast, near infrared rays (NIR) heat organic substances at the surface, requiring higher temperatures to warm the interior by conduction. Such heat can be damaging to exposed tissues.

Detox America developed a portable sauna that incorporates the heater in a lightweight portable unit lined with heat activated FIR radiant materials to reach all parts of the body. Proven safe for even high-risk cardiac patients and the elderly, according to a Mayo Clinic study, the FIR sauna operates at a much lower temperature than traditional units (90-1200 compared to 180-2100 or more).

Toxic substances are forced out of cell tissue and secreted by the sweat and dermis layer fat glands. The elevated temperature of subcutaneous layers expands blood capillaries, improves lymphatic flow and blood circulation, increases metabolism, promotes regeneration of tissue, and reduces cramping in muscle fibers.

Progressive Medical Centers have used the Detox America saunas in the treatment of patients suffering from heart disease, cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and obesity. PMC has found that those with these conditions have responded favorably to FIR treatments. Patients also experience relief from chronic pains such as sciatica, upper and lower back pain, arthritis, rheumatism, joint stiffness, strained muscles and tension, and spinal cord shock.

An important breakthrough is the treatment of cancer. If blood circulation is smooth and consistent cancerous cells are not able to settle down to attach themselves to healthy cells and proliferate. In addition, FIR induced heat above 420 Celsius can kill the cancer cells.

A Nobel Prize was awarded in 1998 to three scientists who found that nitric oxide gas, which is released into the blood from hemoglobin, turns on the immune system and allows natural healing to take place. FIR waves releases nitric oxide gas into the blood and plasma of normal adult patients. Treatment of various diabetic cases with problems unable to be wheel hub unit healed, were aided in their recovery by FIR.

Detox Americas Sauna is also ozone infused. Ozone (03) is a very powerful antibacterial, germicidal and anti-fungal agent. Combined with the FIR waves, ozone helps combat toxicity at a cellular level, accelerates brain cell repair, relieves brain fogging, boosts the immune system, and kills bad cells without harming the good ones.

Few of us get enough sun and exercise to control our ballooning weight. Thirty minutes of swimming, jogging, chopping wood, or cycling burns about 300 calories. Vigorous racquetball, marathon running, or competition rowing can burn 500-600 calories. Sitting comfortably in your FIR sauna, listening to music or reading a favorite book, burns 400-600 calories in the same thirty minutes.

Simple to operate, Detox Americas sauna heats up in five minutes, costs only ten cents per hour to operate, is durable, and comes with a portable carrying case. Whether purchased for your own use or as a care-giving gift for others, few affordable modern developments offer so many benefits in one package.

Learn more about Detox America saunas and infrared technology by contacting Dr. Gez Agolli at (888) 802-4131.